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Velo Hybrid Chassis

The Velozzi's VELO hybrid chassis is constructed mainly using Velozzi's proprietary VELO material and a small amount of exotic lightweight metal allows.  The chassis is lighter, more cost effective, safer and more modular than its metal or composite counterparts.


The Velozzi's VELO chassis weighs less. Less weight means more efficiency, whether you're driving a regular combustion engine, an electric or hybrid car.


The Velozzi material can be utilized in any form of transportation. Sedans, SUVs, trucks, 3 wheelers, race cars, economy size, Jets, UAVs, motor homes, buses, boats, Etc.


Automated mass production capable of manufacturing a chassis under 5 minutes. In the past, composite chassis have only been implemented in racecars or high-end exotic vehicles. Velozzi has been able to bring this lightweight technology for the masses in a cost effective manner.


Velozzi is offering its chassis to OEMs, start-ups and private individuals. Contact us for more information.




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