Velo Lightweight Technology

Velozzi has developed a cost effective lightweight composite named VELO. It is as light and strong as carbon fiber, but at a fraction of the cost. This space age material can be applied to several applications with an emphasis on transportation and the aerospace industries, where weight savings can yield extreme benefits. These benefits include better handling, better performance and higher efficiency. Other advantages include less initial capital investment, less expensive tooling requirements, scalability and no corrosion treatment requirements. And above We are developing the Velozzi Flying Wing depicted in the above image, using our proprietary Velo material.

Composites made with the Velozzi's VELO system offer the high stiffness-strenght to weight ratios that are desired in critical market segments. The technology offers a wide range of options for final part properties. Through the manipulation of its two main components, a low-density core and high-density facing material, an almost infinite variability can be achieved. The Velozzi's VELO composites can match any material mechanical properties. The composite chemistry and architecture can be modified to meet or exceed the properties of any metal or composite counterpart.





The Velozzi's VELO materials can be effectively used in the following applications. Automotive-chassis, aerospace-materials, motor home-buses, boating industry-materials, wind power-wind blades, solar panels-frame and support, shipment containers and construction-materials.