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At 3,000 lbs, the SOLO will be the lightest, most efficient SUV in the market today (Its counterparts weigh over 4,000 lbs). The SOLO will be a high performance limited production crossover, targeted to the refined automotive enthusiast. As a lightweight crossover, its mission is to create an experience of performance and adventure to be shared with friends and family or for the solo excursions.


The SOLO will exhibit Velozzi's patented lightweight technology VELO and a super charged V-6 internal combustion engine or a plug-in flex fuel hybrid system capable of higher MPG. The SOLO will do 0-60 MPH in fewer than 6 secs. and will reach speeds over 120 MPH. The SOLO internal combustion engine version will reach 33 MPG combined and its hybrid counterpart will exceed 70 MPG. A diesel version is in the works.


The SOLO will be hand built in a limited production of 1000 units per year. Due to its cutting age suspension, VELO lightweight chassis and exhilarating powerful drive train systems, the SOLO will handle like a high performance sedan.



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