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Velozzi Supercar

The Velozzi is a high performance limited production vehicle, targeted to the elite automotive enthusiast. As a halo sports car, its mission is to create an experience only felt while driving a Le Mans prototype, or an F1 racecar.


The Velozzi is the lightest supercar available. It exhibits an 800 -1000 HP twin turbo V-12 internal combustion engine or a plug-in flex fuel hybrid system capable of higher MPG. The Velozzi supercar goes from 0 to 60 mph under 3 secs. and reaches speeds over 200 MPH.


The Velozzi supercar is hand built in a very limited production number. This instant collectible  handles as a racecar due to its lightweight technology, cutting age F1 style suspension and exhilarating powerful drive train systems. 



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